"Points of Light" Origins

Exploring Eastdale

We begin the trek with only 4 adventures from the total of 7. The bard has disappeared, along with the mage and hunter. We begin with meeting a young human mage who kills 10 Iron band mercanries. We take anything useful from the bodies, along with their uniforms. We amuse the young wizards and we manage to not engage in battle.

We then proceed to the town. As we approach we see signs of desolation and desertion from the local towns people. Farm steads are empty and the road seems almost unused. The closer we get to town, the feeling of desertion and eeriness is ever presently clear.

As we enter the town, the rogue infiltrates the Iron Mercenary strong hold. The group detects demonoid presence. The rogue also finds out that the Mercenaries are protected by some kind of magical wards that is powered by some form of dust. The rogue summons our benefactor and we verify what he fears to have been true. We barely escape with our lives as we seek shelter around the abandoned buildings within the town, only to find out that there is no comfort within or around the town walls. We then flee across the river where we are transported by raft. During the crossing, we confront a river monster. We then set camp, eat and go to sleep to await the next portion of our journey.

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