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What is “Points of Light”

Nentir Vale is the default setting of 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. It was specifically designed to be a looser, more customizable campaign setting than those seen in any previous editions. The Nentir Vale is the most detailed region of this world described thus far; most sourcebooks refer to this setting as “the D&D world” or “Points of Light”, though these appear to be informal names. The setting emphasizes the danger of the wilderness and uncivilized areas, and the comparative safety of towns and civilization (which are colloquially referred to as “points of light”).

Now a brief introduction on the “feel” for this campaign world.

Campaign Setting

■The setting is a mix of heroic fantasy action in a gritty, low fantasy society. Arcane magic is rare, but usually accepted without suspicion. There are many hedge wizards and shamanistic practitioners, but few actual Wizards and Warlocks. Good-aligned Divine magic is accepted as proper and righteous, although most towns must get by with a non-Divinely powered “priest” or “priestess” rather than a proper Cleric. Larger cities such as Fallcrest do host guilds for the arcane and divine.

■Think more “Song of Ice and Fire” and less “anything by R. A. Salvatore”.

■Most people have never traveled more than a day from their homes. News and rumors travel mostly with merchants and wanderers. There is a fair deal of trade of all types within the Vale, a meager trickle from the west, but none from the north, south, or east.

■To anyone’s knowledge, no authority higher than the local lords has made contact with the Vale in nearly a century. The Vale has stood isolated since, but most of the Vale’s inhabitants are too concerned with their day-to-day business than to worry much about the outside world.

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"Points of Light" Origins

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